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I may wander a bit here

I've never fully gotten why God decided, for however long It was sitting there before the idea came to mind, to make us. Yes, it's the age old "Why are we here?" with a bit of a twist but I really don't see the point.

Don't get me wrong. I'm very happy to be here...this is not a complaint. It just doesn't make any sense.

God is supposedly all knowing (oniscient) and all powerful (omnipotent) so it's not like It was lacking anything prior to our being on the scene. I've heard people say that we are here to love God but that just makes the Big Huy seem overly vain and narcissistic. Others say that we're a part of a puzzle and that at some undisclosed point in the future we'll do something that will give God a clue...

...course, both of these kinda fall in the face of the omnipotent & omniscient aspects.

My age old desire to be buried with a baseball bat so that when I get up there I can give God a piece of my mind and bash It in the big toe...


...notwithstanding my belief that the "made in his image" bit meant more soul and not form; I keep the image in my head that God's an amorphous purple blob with a large unblinking eye just off center...

*we bring you back to the previously viewed rant*

...for not leaving clear and concise directions. You'd think such a divinity would've been able to leave better directions than the confusing mess that is the average VCR instruction manual. Actually, compared to most religious texts, VCR directions make a lot more sense.


Okay, rant done. May not've made much sense but I gotta goto work now.

Why do you (yeah you) think we're here?

in my continued quest to write something no one can quote scripture at me for
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